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Team Building

We offer a great alternative to the ordinary office party or work team building.  

Entertain your group or strengthen relationships by creating art together.  You can order ahead and have the group make the same item.  (ie - office mug)  You can have your group pick and choose the item they would like to create.  Either way having your office outing at Ceramics in the City is always a sure bet.

Please read the Parties pages to understand how parties at Ceramics in the City work.

What do we consider a party/team building?
*Parties are groups of 6 or more 
(we can accommodate up to 40 people)
*We request that you book/confirm your parties 2 weeks in advance so that we can staff for it and/or order enough special requested pottery or glass.  If you have a last minute party do not worry - give us a call!
*Parties require a $25 deposit due at time of reservation - We take your deposit when you book over the phone or in person.
*Each guest is expected to do their own piece of art (pottery or glass) - If you have a guest that does not wish to do any art work they will be charged a $15 sitting fee.  Our studio tends to get busy and can fill up quickly so we like to fill all our seats with artists!  Thank you for your understanding.

We are willing to rent out the studio for private parties after or before business hours for prices are negotiated with management.  Our party room can seat up to 60 people and is available when the studio is open for private parties.

What if I have guests that do not show up for the party?
Because we have a busy studio and we staff our store based on reservations we allow the host of the party up to 3 no shows at no charge.  NO SHOW RULE EXAMPLE:  If you book a party of 14 people and only 6 people show up you would be responsible for the 5 people who do not show up at $15 per person.

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