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Fun Classes and Events!

We are always open to the public for walk-ins except for the occasional big event ie, Valentine's Date Night or Mother's Day Tea.  If you want to create with us on a day that we have a class that is no problem!  Come on in!    If you know when you are coming we will save you a seat - Just give us a call!  We appreciate reservations for groups of 6 or more.  We look forward to seeing you! 

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Potty Mouth Pottery - Adults ONLY!

At this ADULT ONLY event you can paint whatever the #%&@ you want!   With our great selection of pottery your naughty pottery choices are almost endless.  We have great potty mouth silkscreens to truly emphasize your work, or paint your own *BLEEP* thing!  

Pottery choice will be paid night of the event. Remember, ADULTS ONLY, so try not to be an @$# about it. Attendees must be 18+ years old!

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