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Kid's Birthday Party Info: 

Kid's love birthday parties at Ceramics in the City and parents love it even more!   

What's a good age for a kids party?
All party goers should be a least 6 years old & up

What are my options for a birthday party?
We offer several great party packages to make life simple for you.  Check out the packages below.

How far in advance do I need to book my party? Are there any additional costs?
We recommend your book your party at least two weeks in advance so we can staff accordingly and make sure we have your party package in stock. We require a $25 deposit  at the time of booking.  This deposit is credited to your final purchase the day of your event.  If you have a last minute party just give us a call.  We might be able to squeeze you in!

Are there specific days when I can schedule my child's party? How long does an average party last?
You can schedule your party on any day of the week.  Kids parties are an hour and a half.

Can I bring food & drinks? What is provided?
You are more than welcome to bring cake, snacks & refreshments and we can provide you with a separate food table.  Balloons are provided. 

What if I have guests that do not show up for the party? Are parents able to hang out during the party?
Because we have a busy studio and we staff our store based on reservations we allow the host of the party up to 3 no shows at no charge.  NO SHOW RULE EXAMPLE:  If you book a party of 14 people and only 6 people show up you would be responsible for the 5 people who do not show up at $15 per person.  We appreciate that everyone's parents DO NOT stay for the party, because the studio can get busy. The birthday parents/grandparents are more than welcome to stay and enjoy!

Party Packages!

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Currently we are not booking parties for the month of March or April.  Thank you for your understanding.

Unicorns & Rainbows!

Your party will choose between a unicorn mug or a rainbow bank to decorate.  Two of our most popular items because the are adorable and usable.

**$23 per person

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Party Animals!
We have a huge selection of party animals!  There is something for everyone!

**$21 per person

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Choose from a great collection of our animal banks!  There is a critter to please everyone!  

**$22 per person

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Everyone loves a good fairytale!  In this package children will choose their favorite character and design as they wish.

**$21 per person

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Harry Potter!

Paint a castle mug AND a fun add on to place on your castle!  This mug is really magical!

**$26 per person

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Dunk Mugs!

Stash your cookies in this mug.  See how long they stay there!  

**$22 per person

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ADD ON - Glitter Tattoos! 

Add the fun & sparkly tattoos to your party!  The tattoos last for days after your event.  Kids & Adults love them!

**$1 per tattoo/child