Ceramics in the City

...where art is entertainment!

Ceramics in the City is the place to host a party!  

There is a reason our slogan is "...where art is entertainment!"  

We would love to host your birthday, bridal, baby or wedding shower, work outing, family gathering, holiday party or girls night! If you can think of a reason to have a party then we can give you lots of reasons to have it in our studio.

Book a party online!
Currently we are not taking reservations for parties

Party FAQ:

What do we consider a party?

*Parties are groups of 6 or more 
(We can accommodate up to 40 people in our private party room!)

How far in advance do I need to book my party?
We request that you book/confirm your parties 2 weeks in advance so that we can staff for it and/or order enough special requested pottery or glass.  If you have a last minute party do not worry - give us a call!

How much does it cost to host a party at Ceramics in the City?
The price of your party is determined by the cost of the pieces that folks choose. For example if you have a ten person party and everyone paints a basic dinner plate the cost would be $21 for the plate x 10. There is a $25 deposit which required when making your reservation. We take your deposit when you book online or  over the phone or in person. Your deposit will be deducted from your bill on the day of the event! In the event of a party cancellation we will refund you with a $25 gift certificate which can be used any time!

What happens if I bring guests who don't wish to make a project? Can they hang out?
Each guest is expected to do their own piece of art (pottery or glass) - If you have a guest that does not wish to do any art work they will be charged a $15 sitting fee. Our studio tends to get busy and can fill up quickly so we like to fill all our seats with artists!  Thank you for your understanding.

Is it okay for me to bring food & drinks?
Yes you can bring food with you or have it delivered and we can provide you with a separate food table. You are also welcome to bring refreshments. 

Can I rent out the studio for a private party?
We are willing to rent out the studio for private parties after or before business hours. Prices are negotiated.

What if I have guests that do not show up for the party?
Because we have a busy studio and we staff our store based on reservations we allow the host of the party to have up to 3 no shows at no charge.  NO SHOW RULE EXAMPLE:  If you book a party of 14 people and only 6 people show up you would be responsible for the 5 people who do not show up at $15 per person.  

What if I have a specific project request for my party?
We are more than happy to help your personalize your party. Some people like to have guests pick out their projects on the day of the event. Others want to have everyone do the same project. Both scenarios work for us! 

Does everyone in my group have to use the same medium?
No, for adult parties it is fine for some people to do pottery, while others fuse glass. Everyone will receive specific instruction. You are not required to pre-determine what folks will do. However if you do know that everyone in your group will be doing glass fusing, for example, we do love to know that info before hand, so we can set up accordingly. *For children's birthday parties, we request that everyone use the same medium.*