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Pottery To Go!

We are happy to offer Pottery To-Go!  We ask you to order over the phone.  Just take a look at our stock below (we are updating pics of stock) to place your order.  We are able to charge you over the phone.  We will pack it up and have it ready for pick up.  Give us a call when you arrive and we will give you curb side pick up.  When you have finished creating your masterpieces please return them to the studio for firing.  We will have them fired and ready for pick up in about a week!  

If you plan to borrow our brushes please return your pottery and brushes for firing within 3 days.  If you would like to keep your pottery longer we are selling 10pk brushes for $5 per pack.

Section 1 

Coloring Book Pottery!

Section 2

Section 3


Section 4

Section 5 

Section 6

Section 7

Section 8

Section 9

Section 10

Section 11

Section 12

Spring Table Front

Spring Table Back

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We are out of regular sized eggs but have textured eggs are are super cool!


We are selling brushes for $5 per pack.  Each pack has 10 different brushes.  This is great for those of you that cannot return their items for firing in the next 2 to 3 days.