Please choose FOUR 1oz colors/paints to come with your pottery. 

(1oz covers 3 coats on a dinner plate!) 


Please list the number # of the colors you want for your project.  Your pottery piece comes with 4 oz.  If you have a large piece and want to paint the entire piece 1 color please let us know in the color selection field when you order.   


If you want to purchase extra colors you can do so in the Palette/Colors section of our shop.  A total of 4oz is a lot of color even though it might not look like a lot. 


Because we like to recycle please return your colors along with your pottery for firing.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 


ALSO NOTE:  Colors on the computer sometimes look different than in person.  Example - #14 is Bright Red & #36 is Dark Purple but the computer does not show this.  Most of the other colors are very close to the real thing.  :(  You can put man on the the moon...

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call!


Remember if you want your pottery to be white just don't paint that area!  If you need more than 4 colors please go to the Palette/Colors page to order extra colors.  Paint brushes are not included but are available for $5 packs for 10 brushes!

Realistic Dragon

  • Each camp contains 1/2lbs of ceramic clay.  These projects will need to be returned for firing and are fragile.  Please use care and following directions to insure your project is top notch after firing.