This set includes a space ship and a space station box. 


 Please choose Six 1oz colors/paints to come with your pottery. (1oz covers 3 coats on a dinner plate!) Please lisne. t the number # of the colors you want for your project. Your pottery piece comes with 4 oz. If you have a large piece and want to paint the entire piece 1 color please let us know in the color selection field when you order. If you want to purchase extra colors you can do so in the Palette/Colors section of our shop. A total of 4oz is a lot of color even though it might not look like a lot. Because we like to recycle please return your colors along with your pottery for firing. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! ALSO NOTE: Colors on the computer sometimes look different than in person. Example - #14 is Bright Red & #36 is Dark Purple but the computer does not show this. Most of the other colors are very close to the real thing. :( You can put man on the the moon...If you have any questions feel free to give us a call!Remember if you want your pottery to be white just don't paint that area! If you need more than 4 colors please go to the Palette/Colors page to order extra colors. Paint brushes are not included but are available for $5 packs for 10 brushes!

Spaced Out!

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