1.  Order your projects and colors from this page.

2.  We will package your order and email you when it's ready for pickup. 

All orders placed will be fulfilled no later than the following studio business day. 
3.  Pick up your order!

4.  Have fun painting your masterpiece at home.  Included are paints, instructions, and your pottery. 

Brushes are sold separately. Only $5 for 10 brushes!

5.  When finished return your pottery to studio for firing. Please return the original packaging, left over paints and receipt!

Drop off & pick up hours are our listed studio hours.

 Expect to have your fired projects fired and ready in 7 to 10 business days.  To have your pottery back by December 24th you must return your pottery by December 19th! 

Your designs will be permanent and food safe! 

We will call/text you when your projects are finished.

Seasonal Items

Adopt a Penguin

Pre-made Take Home Baskets


Plates & Bowls